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48. konferencija Europske asocijacije za Neuro-lingvističku psihoterapiju
23.03.2019. u Zagrebu   otvori

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Znanstvena istraživanja na području NLP/NLPt-a

Research on NLP/NLPt can be viewed under at least two perspectives:

1. research that supports the general claims of NLP/NLPt
2. research that supports the efficacy of direct practice of psychological/psychotherapeutic intervention in clinical settings through delivery of NLP/NLPt therapists.

(for sociological and political reasons NLP and NLPt are used as synonym, as the label NLPt did only develop since 1994. for practical legal purposes; before that the NLP-community had no necessity to differentiate, as most applicants did work in the helping professions)

There is a lot of literature about NLP/NLPt on various scientific levels. In the following you will find studies and abstracts about the efficiency and psychotherapeutical effectiveness of NLP/NLPt (parts of the results are written in German and the other part is English; as soon as our research pot is filled up accordingly, we will make also the appropriate translations): www.eanlpt.org / Research

Additional research (Richard Bolstad), can be found at:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Research Data Base:

Various NLP/NLPt research abstracts:

     Hrvatsko-austrijski trening centar za neuro-lingvističku psihoterapiju .. ..Psychological counseling, psychotherapy and coaching in English Psychological counseling, psychotherapy and coaching in Englishand German / Deutsch Psychological counseling, psychotherapy and coaching in German / Deutsch Welcome!
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